It is estimated that 1.17 billion people use Google on a regular basis. That is as many as 10 Super Bowl-sized audiences. Most businesses might kill for the ability to advertise during the Super Bowl, but advertising on search engine can offer a far greater investment—with a far stronger return. That’s because search engine marketing offers you the opportunity to advertise to the users who are most likely to become paying clients. More than that, it offers unprecedented control and flexibility over your business’ marketing. Do you want to target users in a specific part of town? Crazy Online Marketing can do that through our powerful tracking system. Want to create more revenue through a particular service that you offer? We can do that too!

How Does SEM Work?

It works through carefully-designed campaigns. Our decade of experience allows us to create campaigns that hone in on your ideal audience with immediate results. Then, our experts and systems create unique ads that appear whenever someone types in the searches that we track in your campaign. These ads lead back to your landing pages, which will be designed to convert visitors into customers. One of the strongest features of SEM is how you are billed—advertisers only pay money when their ads are clicked. This is why SEM is often also referred to as “pay-per-click” advertising. Using pre-set budgets, you only pay for the ads that create leads, making SEM on average over 50 times more effective than any television commercial or billboard.

The Data That Will Keep You Ahead

In today’s digital world, it has never been easier to quantify and track your marketing efforts. Where, in the past, marketing was a vague shot in the dark, digital marketing allows your campaign to become a numbers game. Every dollar, every click, every lead is tracked—meaning you have more insight than ever into what works and what doesn’t. However, all of that means nothing if the data isn’t provided to you at all or if it requires a computer science degree to decipher. At Crazy Online Marketing, we believe in transparent, easy-to-understand data. That is why we send our clients regular easy to understand data reports to they can see the results and leverage their data like never before.